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    Here is a guide for hiding and un hiding pics and other files on the Palm Pre & Pixi...

    This is not as hard as you might think. In order to do this you will need to have Internalz installed (Internalz is a file manager for the Pre and Pixi) rather easy to use.

    First off you will want to make a folder in the USB drive of your Pre plug in your Pre or Pixi in to any computer and set it to USB mode. lets say we want to hide some pics for what ever reason you can make a folder with in the DCIM folder we will call it .Privet Pics it can be called anything you like.

    The “ . ” put in front of any file or folder will make it hidden and will not be seen by any phone apps.
    Internals will still be able to view it because it's a file manager.

    Now that the folder is made you will add what ever pics to this folder you want to hide. Once this is done unplug the Pre and open up the photo app you can see that the folder is not in the list or any of the pics you put with in it. You can see the files by plugging in the Pre and setting it to USB mode.

    If you are on the run and not at a computer you can use Internalz to un hide the folder. To do this you open up Internalz browse to the folder you created.

    Now you will hold down on that file until a pop up menu shows you will then press info.

    At the top of the info screen you will see the folder .Privet Pics to un hide the folder and files with in it you will tap on the name and remove the “ . “ from in front of the file name to save this click any were else on the screen it will pop a verification message say yes to save it if you use the back gesture before this step it will not save it.

    So now the folder is un hidden you will at this point have to do a Luna Restart using Luna Manager some times you have to do a fill reboot of the phone for the photo app to see the newly un hidden pics.

    To re-hide the folder you will go back to it with internals and using the same steps above you will ad a “ . “ to the front of the folder name this will re-hide the folder and files with in it you can use this method to hide or un hide any files on your Pre or Pixi

    Also wanted to add you can open the photos and files with Internalz even if they are hidden you can also copy the file or photo to what ever folder you want with Internals so the phone can see it after you mail or mms it you can delete the copy

    Hope this is useful to some of you wanting to hide things and to keep stuff safe.

    If some one knows how to make the photo app refresh with out having to do a reboot please let me know I will add that to this guide...

    Edit: Some versions of Windows will not let you make a folder with "." in the front of it if this is the case just make the folder what ever you want and then use Internalz to add the "." to make it privet Thanks to 2sslow for point this out...
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    you'll need to create the folder and then use internalz to add the "." because windows wont allow you to create a folder starting w/ a character. Must be a letter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2sslow View Post
    you'll need to create the folder and then use internalz to add the "." because windows wont allow you to create a folder starting w/ a character. Must be a letter.
    It let me make the folder called .Privet Pics and i am using windows i know it will not let you on the desktop or on c drive but it let me on the pre so they should not have a problem if this does not work for you you can just make the folder then use internalz to add the "." to it... thanks for pointing that out...

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