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    I have tried almost every technique in stopping or reducing the oreo, putting a tiny amount of super glue on the sliders, putting a wedge under the keyboard side of the screen (it got annoying) holding all the corners and sliding open and closed really slowly (temporary fix).

    I have decided to take an idea from another user that mentioned to put some super glue on the right side of the upper screen right beside the metal mirror on the back.

    Instead of adding super glue which would become tedious and / or slide down the side of the screen and go on the screen itself, i took ONE strand of thread (enough to fit on the plastic and not high enough to push the screen out more than it already is) and super glued that to the side of the screen using a small amount of glue.

    I waited an hour for it to fully harden and slid my screen closed, the gap may be a fraction of a cm bigger, but there is NO movement on the side of the screen when it is closed, also when my phone vibrated, the screen vibrated against a small amount of plastic making an odd vibrate sound that isn't normal, that is gone as well.

    This is what worked for me, feel free to try it.

    Pictures by marclh1992 - Photobucket

    High res pictures included.
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    I have both the oreo effect and that effing vibrate sound. The oreo effect I don't really care about but the vibrate is SOOO annoying. I miss my opening of the Pre and it vibrated like a whisper(or like it does with keyboard open). Now its like HRENNNNNNN. Oh look i got a text.

    I would try it but I don't know how I feel about it.. good luck with yours sustaining.
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    So far its holding up, no parts have fallen off. You can try this fix, and if you don't like it, you can just remove the super glued thread using an exacto knife and wedge the knife under the glue and pop it off. So far I'm liking my fix.
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    Not really a fix for me, but I put on the Body Glove case and I don't have any issues. Prior to the case, I was starting to get some really serious oreo issues. Love the body Glove case. Very sturdy.

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