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    A new problem my phone has now is at any given time it will stop playing the ring tone. The phone shows that a person is calling but the phone isn't ringing. I can reboot it and it will ring after that but it only lasts a day or 2. Then I have to repeat the process. Any one see this before.
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    Do you have a stock kernel?

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    I had the first 800 mhz patch removed it, then went to uber kernal with govnah, I got rid of both because @ 8:00 am i would take it off the charger and by 12:00 i would have to put it back on the charger, oddly enough i still have to do that. So I am not 100% sure that uber kernal is removed.

    Why do you ask?

    Whats the code that I put into webosquick install command line to tell me what kernal I have?
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    that's funny, this happened to me also for the past week. When I get a call, about a third will show up on the screen but not ring.

    Sprint Pre (stock kernel)
    Model P100EWW
    Firmware CC1.5(514)
    Palm webOS
    Configuration Sprint 2.4
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    I'm prety sure I am running stock FW seeing that every thing I do just lags like stock FW.
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    nobody has a clue whats going on with it? Any help or ideas would be great!

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    if its really intermittent, you should try running the webOS doctor

    but only use it as a last resort =)

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