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    Here's a bit of a background story before I ask my questions...

    So I recently had to get my fourth refurbished Palm Pre replaced last week due to the power button having stopped functioning. Well, when my fifth refurbished phone came in and I went to go pick it up from the Sprint store and they handed it to me I noticed that the phone had a pronounced oreo effect (I know some of you think this is normal, but this was the worst I've had from any of my phones) and the charger door was broken. So, the fifth phone didn't even make it through the first minute of me having it. Well they went ahead and ordered me a replacement which i asked to be shipped to my home since I had to wait an hour just to get the dang thing when it came in and then another 30 minutes when I noticed these issues as I was driving away and was put into the back of the line again when I came in 5 minutes later.

    When I got home I immediately got onto Palm's website and chatted with a Palm representative and told him about my issues that I've had getting a phone that will last longer than two months. I told him my concern how I was worried that as soon as my warranty ran out I would be up a very expensive creek without a paddle when (inevitably) my next refurbished phone went the same way the others had. After awhile of him telling me that they could only replaced the phone with refurbished ones and me clarifying my concerns and past issues I went on to state how frustrating it was for me when my Palm XT has held up so well over the years and how I continue to use it, while my Pre breaks every two months. This seemed to get him as he told me that due to the numerous issues I've had with refurbished phones in the past he would have a member of the Specialist team (I think that's what he said...) give me a call and get things worked out. So, it looks like I'll be able to finally get a new phone as a replacement instead of getting refurbished phones.

    Well, my (new) refurbished phone came in the mail today and from what I can tell it appears a very stable phone and they've done well with refurbishing it, which leads me to my question. Should I even bother pursuing getting a factory new phone when this replacement looks to be in good condition? Is the new build quality good enough to forestall any debilitating hardware malfunctions before I'm eligible for an upgrade (about a year and two months or so)? What would you do?

    Before anyone says anything about me abusing my phones, I have never once dropped any of these phones, I have a screen protector on my phones at all times along with a case, and I'm very careful with them.

    Thanks in advance for the help and opinions.
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    if i were you, i'd keep the good quality refurb that you got.

    i'm in the process of having mine replaced (again) because of excess screen bleeding. i was ok with the little bleeding that it had because the build quality on this one was awesome, but the bleed got worse. took it into a sprint store today and they tried to give me this really jacked up oreo'ed pre that would make nabisco proud. i mentioned it to the store rep and they're shipping a different one to my workplace tomorrow. you would think that i'd get tired of the hardware probs, but webos/homebrew has me hooked.

    sprint pres (not the pluses) w/good build quality seem to be few and far between. so yeah... i'd keep the one you got.
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    i'm on my 3rd phone, but have had this for quite a while. The others all had problems within a month or two. When I got this refurb, they first got one that had a super loose slider, which I refused to take. Then the rep got this one out, and it's been really solid for months now. If you habe a good refurb, i 'd say it's as good as a solid new one, and possibly better than another unknown quantity that they could send you.
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    Okay, well Palm is calling me back today to get this worked out... I'm leaning toward getting a new phone, but we'll see.
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    better contact palm if you have been to sprint and had the phone replaced far too many times so that palm will repair or replace the phone, since they will guarantee that they will be sending a "working" phone since i believe they will be testing it before sending it...

    or if what you received seemed to be a good one... better keep it
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    I don't blame you.

    been through about 6-7 myself from various issues..

    the hardware on the pre sucks (or at least problematic)

    'still lovin the phone though.

    just have to get one that's good, and works fr you
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    I just got my first refurbished phone and it has much more oreo affect and the usb port plastic border broke off after the first few days. I did a ##786# from the phone app and it says that it was built on 6/25/2009 and activated on 7/3/2009 with 62376 lifetime calls! I'm wondering how long it will last.
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    I have a reconditioned pre from 6/12 and it is as solid as a rock. I thought it was brandy newish and recent manufacture. So much so that I had never checked the ##786# until this thread. Turns out it was well used, but I couldn't have told you so.

    I would say if it feels solid it probably is.
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    From day one, ##786# has returned an impossibly large number of calls. I wouldn't worry about that, if the device is working well.

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