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    I love my Pre but am also enjoying my new iPad. I wanted an office suite for the iPad so I bought Quickoffice instead of Documents to Go. The main reason I did not buy Docs to Go is my anger over Dataviz not coming through with apps for WebOs. I realize they made a business decision, but didn't appreciate being strung out for months.Thanks, I feel better now.
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    Yes, and Dataviz isn't the only one. I spoke with Good Software today concerning the Good mobile client which was due out publicly in a beta form in May. They put it on hold until after the HP acquisition of Palm is final and the html security issue is resolved to their satisfaction.

    My wifes company uses the Good client for their corporate email and I cannot connect her to their exchange server on the Pre/Pixi without it. So she is still stuck in the horrid Samsung Instinct.
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    @OP... did you let them know the choice you made and why?
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    Quote Originally Posted by runukraine View Post
    @OP... did you let them know the choice you made and why?
    good idea - will do
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    this belongs in the complaint thread....
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    Quote Originally Posted by gitit20 View Post
    this belongs in the complaint thread....
    tried a search - not sure which thread you are suggesting (excuse me if I'm missing something obvious) - please provide a link - thanks

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