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    I have uberkernel, and the screenstate governer set at 800max/250min. For weeks it has worked perfectly. 800 with screen-on, and 250 with screen-off, checking by command line: cat /proc/cpuinfo. 800/125 worked flawlessly as well.

    Last evening I did another check. 800 with screen-on, but the cpu would only power down to 500 with screen-off. I tried rebooting, with and without battery pull, reloaded uberkernel; nothing worked. The screenstate governer will not go below 500MHz with screen-off. OnDemand governer works fine, and I can get down as low as 125MHz on demand.

    I have loaded a ton of new apps, and wonder if one of these is preventing ScreenState from dropping the cpu below 500. Before I start getting rid of all these apps, I want to ask if anyone else ever experienced this problem. Some of the new apps that I installed were Flightview, FlightPredictor, ToDo Classic, GroceryList, PowerNap, and Brightness Unlinked. I hesitate to get rid of Flightview and FlightPredictor right now 'cause I have a couple of trips already entered in there. Could some of these apps that give notifications be locking out the Screen-off?
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    Well i do know that prior to today when the new uberkernal came out for testing you were not able to go below 500 i thought. today the new one came out that allowed lower frequency however i am still running at 500 with it set to 125. anybody else?
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    I could swear that a couple of weeks ago, I could go to 125 with screenstate off with the old uberkernel. I remember asking here how to check by command line, and I did it to verify that I was running at 125 or 250 with screen off. Maybe I have been drinking from the wrong koolaid cooler.

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