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    Hi all. This site/forum is a great resource.

    I have been a Verizon customer, and was due for an upgrade. After lots of research on phones (this was a first smartphone for me), I decided on the Pre+ and picked one up a few days ago.

    I absolutely love the phone -- it's really intuitive to use, and it's considerably less bulky than most of the other smartphones. Unfortunately, I didn't find out about the GPS issue until after I bought the phone. After finding numerous reports and explanations of this issue online, I went back to the store. They were totally not interested.

    I explained the issue to the rep, who had never heard of it before, and really didn't want to hear about it then. He said I could exchange the phone for something else, since it'd been less than 30 days. Of course, the only other phone Verizon had that seemed as pleasant to use (to me) was the HTC Droid Incredible, which is on back order into the middle or end of July, meaning I'd have to return the Pre+ and then do without a phone for a few weeks in order to still get the promo price (my old phone was no longer functioning when I upgraded).

    I left and called the customer care line, who put me through 2hrs of VZW tech support, who said it was Palm's problem and transferred me to Palm tech support. Another hour later, Palm tech says this is a known issue with Verizon and they are hoping for a fix, but don't know when it will arrive. Maybe I could call Verizon, they say.

    I did call verizon, but explained the whole situation to the CSR, including that I was really disappointed that they were selling this crippled phone without any warning to buyers, especially since we could get the same phone on another carrier and have it fully functional. The lady I spoke to was really, really pleasant, and, after a check with her supervisor, let me order the Droid, but made extensive notation on the order that (regardless of whether it's more than 30 days), I will be charged only the promo price once I return the Pre to them. Also, if they update the Pre so that it works correctly between now and when the Droid comes, I can cancel the order or return the Droid. If the timing stays the way it is supposed to be, I'll get 4-6 weeks to hope the fix comes out, but not be stuck with a partially nonfunctioning phone for two years if it doesn't.

    When I asked to be transferred to the CSR's manager to let him know that she had been extremely helpful and professional, I took the opportunity to let him know that I was unhappy they were selling the Pre+ without giving any warning that it doesn't work correctly. He said they are aware of the problem, and I got the feeling that's why they were so accommodating, even though I'd have been on the hook for the same wait period if I'd just gotten a Droid to begin with.

    Anyway, I doubt this will be of much use to anyone who's not in the market for a phone right now but afraid to get the VZ Pre+ before they fix it. It seems they're pretty understanding and aren't going to stick everyone with this phone if they won't get it working right.

    Here's to hoping for that update. Soon.
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    Have you tried the patch that is supposed to fix the gps issue?
    Time to get VIRAL
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    Quote Originally Posted by evilhugbear View Post
    Have you tried the patch that is supposed to fix the gps issue?
    Patch doesn't help, atleast it didn't help me at all.
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    Welcome to the club. I got a Verizon Pre+ at the beginning of May and couldn't stand the GPS problem either, so I switched to the AT&T version of the Pre+ while I was still in my 30 day window.

    Say what you will about AT&T, but I love the Pre+ and have had no problems with it. I'm sad to see how Verizon and Palm are handling this problem, because it's OBVIOUSLY a problem with only the Verizon version.

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    I'm not happy about my position being reported incorrectly on Google maps, but for me it is far outweighed by free WiFi Hotspot. THAT is the feature that got me to the store 3 weeks ago (well that and the early upgrade opportunity!). Fingers crossed they do fix it soon for all our sakes!
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    I found that GPS Wrangler really helps. You can find it in the app catalog.
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    Look at all you whiners! Did you actually expect that your phones would do what they were and are advertised to do? Gimme a break and get a life!
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    Well, GPS on my Pre works just fine. It even puts me in the correct location. I must have gotten a defective phone ;<)

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