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    Please tell me I don't have to manually unlink 560+ profiles!! There has to be a way to fix this. Not sure what happened. It's so bloody slow now, I'll be Christmas before I get this fixed!!

    Tell me there's a way to do this, export my data, fix it & re-import with corrections??

    Just the thought of having to do this is enough to make me want to drive over my Palm Pre in the driveway repeatedly!!

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    you could try a soft erase ( erase apps and data ). This could fix your issue . This is not a sure fix though. This would delete info stored in the cloud . Then you would sign back into your profile and hopefully everything would restore properly.
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    Word from HardBeatZ with Palm Tech Support from

    Quote Originally Posted by HardBeatZ View Post
    The number one cause of EAS accounts being linked together is email addresses. Some EAS accounts when sent over to devices or dumped into Outlook etc end up with putting something to the effect of [no email address] in the email address field. Because all of these are similar it is going to link them together. I assume you have verified this as well?

    You may want to dump to a .csv and see if there is any similarities you are over looking.
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    WebOS really needs its own version of "DeDup" or whatever it was on Palm OS that removed duplicate contacts/calender entrees.

    For me, I got a bunch of Profiles linked to one person due to all of them having the phone number "2"... Not sure how that corruption happened.
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    I have this exact same issue. I have a few contacts with 30 to 50 contacts linked under them. Is there a fix for this?
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    NachoB gave a very good suggestion.

    If your profile syncs with gmail or yahoo, etc, you could try going at it from the desktop side. That is, go to your email website on your computer, click "Contacts", and look for the similarity that is linking them all.

    You'll probably want to export all your contacts to a .csv or other editable format (for instance, open the .csv in Excel, or convert the data to a table in MS Word) and then do a bulk delete of the bad info. Then convert the corrected info back into a .csv, wipe out all your contacts in your email account, and load the corrected batch of contact info back in.

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