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    I need to change the SMS Service Center phone number to
    get access to special services (in the specific case, to change
    from the Talkline number to the one of T-Mobile in Germany).

    I did not find anywhere explicit instructions to do this
    and I did not recognize any option for doing this in the latest
    1.3.1 mask to change network provider configuration.

    I think this information could be very useful also for other people.

    Could anybody explain clearly and easily how this can be accomplished?

    With all my other phones this is a trivial operation and for example om my Sony I can even store a list of centers and select the one I need with a click.

    Eventually and if this is not provided by the OS, it would be nice to have somebody develop a tool to do it. I would by it!!!

    Many thanks in advance for he help!!!
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    I also want to know.
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    You have to edit the carriernetwork.db3 for this.
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    where is this file ?

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