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    So, I received a notification today on my Pre about a calendar event that my wife put on our Google calendars. She's created a ton of items similar to this in the past on our Google calendars, but, I haven't seen this notification on my Pre until today. I recognize this as the "if you're running late, the Pre can automatically email people to let them know"...a feature that I heard touted very early on with the Pre, but, never saw the feature...until today.

    Just for yucks, I clicked on the Contact Meeting Attendees button and an e-mail automatically came up addressed to the attendees of the meeting with something like "I'm running a bit late" in the body of the email.

    My main question here the heck did I/my wife get the calendar event to pop that notification up on my Pre?
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    Exchange calendars can do that too. I'd also like to know how that is initiated.
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    That's interesting about the Exchange Calendar comment above...because I think the calendar event that popped up was actually created in the full Outlook client at our work and my Gmail account was 'invited' to the event. I'm pretty sure though my wife has set up calendar events in that manner before though using the full Outlook client at work and I never received that notification until today.
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    That happens when you haven't dismissed the notification notice your time on the pre is 4:35 but the appt was at 4:30 so the pre assumes you haven't made it to your appt yet so it asks do you want to notify the others that you are running late.
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    Well you have to put in attendees and e-mails in Google calenders, and like mamouton said you have to be late for the thing.
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