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    Long story short, I dropped it. From about 7 feet onto the metal pipe that is the running boards of my truck. I've already gone through the motions with Sprint, and I'm not covered. But I'm not worried about that anymore. What I wanna know is, how am I able to retrieve my contacts? The touch screen is no longer responsive, so getting it straight from the phone is a no go. The guy at Digital Highway told me what I had already figured, that they're in my 'Palm Profile.' But there in lays the problem. I go to the site, and all I can do is wipe my phone clean. Is there something I can do to get them emailed them to me? Or something..? I appreciate any and all help in advance.

    P.S. I've searched and googled, but have yet to come across a way without using the Pre itself. I'm thinking one of those unfavorable, yet seemingly popular, events on Facebook may be my only option.
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    do u plan on getting another pre. i lost mine and i wasnt covered, so i got one in new condition for $100 on craigslist (same as wat they wouldve charged for a refurb). then my contacts came with my palm profile.
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    are you buying another Pre? Your conntacts and apps will automatically be restored from your profile.
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    same thing here. had my 1st refurb here and signed into my palm profile on my new phone and all my contacts were there. if you dont plan on getting another palm pre i dont think you would be able to retrieve them.
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    Not if I can help it. I'm getting a "loaner" phone from a friend until my upgrade in October..
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    this might help:

    there are a few threads about getting contacts from their broken pre via the command line, but I couldn't find them searching from my phone...

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