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    Does Govnah/Uber Kernel Temp monitoring use the same mechanism to poll the temp as Jason's temp monitoring patch? The reason I am asking this is I see Govnah reporting 45 to 50+ temp at times when the phone is overloaded, but i don't seee Jason' patch firing up temp alerts. So just wondering if they use the same source/mechanism to poll the temperature? I know Jason's patch polls every five minutes and not sure if uses some kind of window or moving average or if it reports instantaneous temp every 5 minutes.

    Does anyone know? Thanks.
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    Jason's patch monitors the battery temperature IIRC, Govnah measures the actual CPU temperature.
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    Jason has made patches that monitor the cpu tempature as well. I do notice that sometimes the temp is different i figured it just hadn't updated.
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    I love the work both have done, But had to uninstall Jason temp patch cause everytime I put my phone on the touchstone it would go off all the time. I didn't realize it was the battery temp not the cpu.

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    I wish we could get the CPU temp in the device menu but haven't found anything yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by reese917 View Post
    I wish we could get the CPU temp in the device menu but haven't found anything yet.
    Right now you have to have a kernel that allows the monitoring of the temp, and then an app to monitor that from the kernel.
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    Jason's patch polls for the temperature every 10 minutes or something like that. If it happens to catch the temperature while its cool or clocked low, such as when you have the ondemand/conservative governors set or even screenstate if the screen is off, then the patch won't really detect that the temperature is high.

    Poorly written idea and run-on sentence lol.

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    This Battery monitor app, give you both battery and CPU temperature readings. It appears to be quite accurate from my experience.

    With this app can adjust the polling intervals from 15 Seconds to 30 Minutes, the longer the better because everytime an app interrupts the CPU to take it's temperature it uses up energy resources, ie battery life.
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