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    Palm Pre Plus GRT Case Kit vs. Sprint Covers ZCP1098R vs. Verizon Case Part#: PALMPRECCOVCH

    Please bear with me because this is my first post and I have tried to check to make sure that this is not a duplicate question. I have done the research and found that the Palm Pre Plus GRT Case sold by is by far the most recommended. I have decided to invest in the GRT Case in Metallic Red but unfortunately they do not have it in stock (I have been waiting about 3 weeks now).

    Now, getting to my question, are the above mentioned Sprint and Verizon cases the same cases being offered on AGfindings? From what I can tell, they look the same and seem to have the same colors offered by AGfindings. (i.e. Verizon offers Pearlized Pink and Chrome, while Sprint offers Black, Red and Chrome)

    I would be eternally greatful for any information you might have on this topic. I am in desperate need of a cover but if I am going to spend $34.95 on a case I don't want to settle for a color I am not happy with and if the cases offered on Sprint and Verizon are indeed the same then I will order red one from Sprint.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!
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    I think Xentris makes the best ones. I have been using the snap on version, and its been working great for almost a year (I drop my phone a lot too). My only complaint is that it is a little tough to get on and off. It is listed below for $20 at the xentris site, or you can get a clear one at Amazon for $10. They also have the more expensive ones, but they are bulkier, and I really don't like them.

    Xentris LLC Xentris Snap-On Cover for Palm Pre (Clear): Cell Phones & Service
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    don't know about the sprint one, but yes the verizon pink and chrome is the same as the grt.

    I purchased the att blue and chrome one, which is also a grt case, using a discount I found on the thread dedicated to the grt case. Please search for that thread under the palm pre accessory forums.
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    The GRT case I bought at an AT&T store is the slim design sold by AGfindings. The one I got from Verizon was the larger version Both are great cases but the slim one is better for form factor reasons.
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