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    It's like a steam punk version of sky climber, and the graphics are amazing! It's by Glu mobile, and only $.99! Pretty much it's a robot who has to climb the interior of a clocktower that never ends, with traps. I highly recommend it!
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    But how do you feel about it?
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    Looks really fun
    Time to get VIRAL
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    any videos?
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    You're right - this is a very fun game, well designed and executed.
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    But there are no reviews yet, I won't buy an app until there are at least 20 people giving it a 1 star because "wont install" or "got TMC, app sux"
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    i have seen lots of reviews online about the iphone version as well as on twitter...people seem to enjoy it. gonna DL now and will post a quick review here in a few

    hell, its only $0.99!
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    okay played it real quick (after a fast luna restart so i wouldn't get the too many cards msg)

    easy to learn, fun, and light gameplay with great graphics and simple play mechanics

    this is a great way to wile away some time

    at $0.99 how can you go wrong?
    simple. you can't

    good job Glu
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    got it and I'll admit... it's pretty addicting! Great graphics and a fantastic purchase for 99 cents!
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    whats a steam punk?
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    very addicting!
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    Steam punk is a science fiction sub genre where steam power is used as a primary energy source.

    steam punk

    bought the game and it's great. The accelerometer based games are fun too, but too obvious that I'm playing a game in meetings.
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    You know, honestly, this feels pretty boring to me.

    The problem is, it takes way too long to ramp up the difficulty.

    A "hard" mode where it started out more difficult would greatly increase my enjoyment of it.
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    yyyeeessss...i love this game!!! gonna play right now
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    Always play Doodlejump on my GFs phone. DLing now!
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    DL'ing now hope its good.

    TMC after install

    Have to reboot, no cards open and getting TMC...


    After reboot launches fine, fun to play. Wish you could continue where you fell off. Like check points.
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    Haven't seen TMC since using the kernels with compcache. Definately fixed my biggest gripe with my Sprint Pre. Not having to reboot everytime to play a 3D or graphically intensive game is a huge improvement.
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    This game is a great deal for $0.99! It's a new take on the DoodleJump clones (instead of tilting, having the "magnetic" wheels pull you up). Really enjoying it!
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    I'm not usually a TMC complainer... I dig this app... but damn if I don't have to restart every time before I play the game on my Sprint Pre.

    TMC was a thing of the past for me with 1.4.1 and the uberKernel... not no more.
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