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    I used my phone quite a bit yesterday, email, contacts, speed dial, messages, pictures, navigation, etc.

    This morning I take it off the charger and go to work and it has been a FIT ever since. I notice it is running slower than normal. Then I notice my contact speed dial is missing, then all of my contacts are missing. Email won't load. Messages won't load. Just acting strange..

    I pull the battery and reboot. Things come back, but no contacts, its just empty. Humm. I look around, now the contacts are back. So I'm thinking all is OK. I was listening to podcasts today and it locked up. I pull the battery again. The more I look at it the more I notice it is acting more and more strange. Calendar was OK, now all of it is missing. By the way, contacts and calendar synced with Gmail account. Email is Gmail, 1 exchange and 1 POP3. Spent an hour on the phone with sprint chat (waste of time). The phone seems to be going in and out of Airplane mode. At one point the top left says "SPRINT" but if you look at the Device menu on the top right it says "Turn OFF airplane Mode" What? Another time it says "Turning OFF airplane Mode" but just sits like that for 5 mins.

    Between pictures, music, podcasts, email, and applications I'm fairly loaded up, only about 3GB free wonder it that is causing some of the problem.

    I did go back into preWare and make a list of all patches and Applications so I would know what I had. I also copied off my pictures.

    I looked here to see if it was something strange. I still remember the brief appearance of "LED FLASH" before it was availabe, so I was wondering if SPRINT had done something or was having network problems.

    Oh, well, I'm headed to the SPRINT store to see if they have any ideas.

    Does anyone here have any?

    Here is a list of Patch/Applications:
    4x4 Icons v3
    Auto-Enable IP Forwarding In Mobile Hotspot (Listed twice)
    Close on Hangup
    Default to Month View
    Disable LED Notifications for Email
    Enable Landscape Email
    Enable Vibration (Calc)
    GPS in Device Menu
    Headset Track Advance Vibrate
    Notification Repeat
    Ringer Switch Icon
    Unthrottle Download Manager
    Virtual Keyboard

    Absolute Fitness
    AirTraffic Lite
    Bubble Level
    FlashCards Beta
    FlashCards Lite
    Free Music Ringtones
    Go To Tool Lite
    Guy Ate Here
    Mobile Hotspot
    Music Player(Remix)
    New York Times
    Reboot Scheduler
    Send My Location for WebOS
    Subway Map
    The Weather Channel
    TMaps - NY
    TMaps - Pocket Subway

    Flight Briefer
    Gospel Library
    Easy Dreams
    QR deCODEr
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    UPDATE: I WebOSDoctor'ed my phone back and so far so good. It seems stable. Time will tell today. Overall it was a pretty easy process. Notes: 1. Doesn't remove the USB partition so your photos and stuff will still be there. App's will get reinstalled. Your accounts, email, contacts, calendar will be put back after you supply the passwords. They will then start to sync up.
    Hope this fixes it.
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    did you have a kernel other than stock installed ? If so at what speed ?
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    Mine did the same thing yesterday! Slow access to everything. Thought my mail & contacts were gone until I tried to add them back in and it said they were duplicates. Then after 5 mins my mail showed up.

    Now Synergy has linked over 500 contacts to one user!! OMG!!

    What happened over night??
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    like I asked the other guy . Do you have a kernel installed other than the original kernel?
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->

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