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    I've done a quick search but haven't found much on this topic. I love webOS and the functionality of my Palm Pre. I looked hard at the Android platform before buying the Pre: I actually bought both the Pre and the Hero and tried them side by side on my most frequently used tasks, timing how long it took to accomplish various actions, and I found that for most of my everyday tasks, using webOS was significantly faster and more efficient--I returned the Hero and haven't looked back.

    I especially like that, as with my Treo 700p, the phone is very functional one-handed--I can flip open the keyboard and press a character to speed dial, check e-mail, and browse my bookmarked web sites effortlessly with one hand, which I do many times each day. The one problem that I have is using the back gesture one-handed; this is very awkward and often takes me several tries before it works successfully. I use the back gesture frequently when diving in and out of e-mails and calendar entries (where it also performs a save function). At the same time, the single button on my Palm Pre sits there forlornly, getting virtually no use. It would substantially improve the phone's one-handed functionality if the button could be used in place of the back gesture.

    Two questions:

    1) Has anyone developed a patch that allows you to change the button functionality to mimic the back gesture?

    2) If not, is this technically possible?

    Thanks for your help here and I apologize if this has already been covered elsewhere.
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    Have you tried Advanced Gestures to give you a short back gesture that makes one handed use of the Pre very easy? If you go to the Screen and Lock preferences on the Pre, there is a toggle switch for Advanced Gestures: Switch Applications. Togging this on (it's off by default) enables the full swipe across gesture to Switch Applications, but also gives you a short back swipe to dive in and out of e-mails and calendar entries quickly.
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    I just use my thumb...
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    Thanks, not-yet-pre, I was not aware of the short back gesture through enabling Advanced Gestures--this is a dramatic improvement for me with one-handed operation. I appreciate the tip!
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    Also, there isn't a way to add functionality to that button, so I'm glad you've found a good solutio.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SoxFan View Post
    It would substantially improve the phone's one-handed functionality if the button could be used in place of the back gesture.
    The Pre+'s do not have a button.. So, I do not think it would work for them
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    any one knows of a manual in which all the gestures and outcome are described thank you

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