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    I was happily using a Sprint Pre since release but decided to switch to Verizon for better coverage in my home and because my wife wanted a Pre as well and we got two free with a contract at Verizon. I am about half way through my trial period with Verizon.

    The major issue I am having that is making me debate A) switching back to sprint or B) switching to a new phone. is with the GPS Apps on the Verizon Network. The App I use the most on my phone is JogStats to track my running/cycling and keep an eye on my training. This app worked amazing on the Sprint network but even using the Open VZ navigator then the app trick the GPS signal on Verizon seems incredibly poor and my training tracking has been incredibly inaccurate as of late.

    Anyone heard anything as to if this will be improved soon? Or have any other suggestions for fixes.

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    Your guess is as good as anyone's. VZW have finally admitted that this is a problem and will be resolved, but to my knowledge they have not provided a date when this will be resolved.

    It could be in the 1.4.5 update, or it could wait until 1.5, or it could be a release that is specific and only for VZW.

    So, I don't think the answer will come within your trial period. I think you will have to make a decision are you willing to live with the issues until it is resolved, or do you want to go back to where you know it works (albeit on a phone that is not as powerful).

    Tough choice...
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    Yeah, GPS on Verizon Pre Plus is extremely bad. I never used Sprint Pre so I don't know how accurate on that Pre but my wife's Droid Incredible's GPS is just amazing. Not just it's accurate, it shows you the arrow where you are facing. There's many apps that utilize with builtin GPS and unfortunately Pre Plus can't use them.

    BTW, I put the patch and tried all different trick, it won't help me at all.
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    GPS does apparently work well when you activate VZ Navigator. It might be worth negotiating with Verizon to see if they'll give you VZN Free, or you'll have to go back to Sprint
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    My GPS seems to be working pretty good now... I'm on VZ in the Boise area. I use Google maps and NavIT quite a bit and they're usually spot on. For a while, I would open up VZ nav to get a good lock on. I don't even need to do that anymore. Not really sure what changed but it works great...
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    I have 2 Pre Pluses(verizon) and have had a Sprint Pre. Of the 6 times I used GPS navigation. Twice it failed to get a signal saying to try a clear view of the sky... I was in my car. Once Verizon finally fixes the issue I think it'll be fine. Hoping 1.4.5 does the trick
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    Verizon Pre + user here and GPS for me sucks (although the GPS is more accurate when I am running over WiFi).

    Let's hope they get this ironed out.
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    I am having good luck by using GPS Wrangler to wake up the GPS before opening Google maps, FYI.
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    Well, I think I'm going to take Verizon up on the 30 day free trial on using VZ Navigator. I'll post my experiences here as the month goes on...I'll be taking a nearly cross country trip during this time and it should come in handy. BTW, if anyone is interested, I think the offer for 30 day free trial ends on June 30th.
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    It wouldn't work! I got a message saying CRITICAL ERROR could not locate via GPS...not good. I took it to the VZ store and they had to uninstall and reinstall the application. It worked pretty well, only tried one use, it let me back to my office...and the route seemed strangely familiar, what's that about?

    It is a little clunky looking, not quite as polished at a Garmin I've been using lately. But it was pretty good.

    I'll be using it again tonight on a trip...I'll post more later.
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    I know it sucks, but have you tried the "GPS Wrestler" app? (It's a $1 on sale). I use JogStats also, and it actually helped a lot.

    This is what I do:
    1. Make sure that "Locate me using GPS" is only checked in the location services menu. (ie uncheck google services).
    2. Open up GPS Wrestler, go through the "wake up" options one by one until it says your GPS is active.
    3. Go back into JogStats, start up a new session, have it search for GPS.

    I've only done this a few times, but it seems to be working better then before I used it.
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    I bought GPS Wrestler today and my GPS finally works. If only it worked without the aGPS Patch and app I had to pay for then I would be truly happy.
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    OK, so I used VZ navigator on Tuesday night on a little 200 mile trip. Although it is better than not having a navigation system, I don't really like it. I know I might find out how better to use it, but here are my complaints:

    Can't pinch to zoom or change zoom while navigating (can while just looking at the map)

    Can't seem to find route list of turns...seems like when you are navigating you can only see the "3-d" view and (as I mentioned it before, you can't zoom in or out in this view).

    Modifying route while in transit isn't too easy...seems to haphazardly pick routes when there was no obvious reason.

    Well, at least my GPS works well now! As I get a little more experience with it, I'll post more. But I miss my Garmin...may have to get a standalone once this trial is through.
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