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    I seem to recall it being stated more than once, that once you update your OS version, you should wait a full day at that level to let the device adjust before implementing overclocking. I know some folks have even backed off their overclocking before updating, and waited a day before putting it back on.

    Is this still necessary? I just configured a replacement Pre and it came to me running 1.4.0. I was going to update to 1.4.1 then wait a day or so before overclocking. But, I would really rather just overclock if someone in-the-know could give me their blessing.

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    I think I remember them saying to wait a little after removing the overclock then put it back on. I'm not sure about the update.

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    I thought it was more around the phone re-downloading all your apps, contacts, calendar etc after entering your profile info that made it get somewhat hot and with overclocking would get even hotter?

    Could be totally wrong though... I reckon wait till your apps etc have reinstalled then go for it

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