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    I have a sprint pre and it works great for me except for the occassional reset.

    I convinced my old man to get a pre plus and he loves it.

    I just convinced my brother to get the Pre Plus and he wants to kill me now! Hes complaining the battery is draining very fast. He gets texts messages that are delayed by 40 minutes! People are calling him and the phone doesnt even ring and missed calls dont show up.

    He had a centro from verizon which worked just fine. Think this particular pre is a problem?
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    that sounds more like a verizon prob
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    Yeah I think it's a Verizon problem because mine does the same thing occasionally.

    The other day I was waiting for an important call and it ner came. Then hours later I got a notification saying I missed a call and that there was a voice message.

    I did hear that you can call Verizon and they will tweak the nearest cell tower somehow. I don't know what they actually do but it apparently works.
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    I had the same problem with another phone, I just took it to a verizon store. The guy who helped me got on the phone and tech support and re-did my line, his words, and it was fixed. Not too sure what he actually did though, but it worked.
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    No calls were coming in either! I did a battery pull and it seems to be working now. Will have to keep an eye on it and may have to go back to verizon.
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    try to dial *228 (dial) on your palm pre --verizon networks only.

    *228 will reprovision your phone.

    (or) go to dialer pad, and then prefrence, then update network
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    We have multiple VZ phones and we see those delays occasionally. It is a good idea to do the roaming update (which is option #2) as mentioned in the previous post about *228. VZ once told me you should do that as a matter of habit every few months.
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    tried *228. We shall see if that did the trick. Thanx.

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