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    OK, OK, I've been in the IT industry long enough to know that 95% of these kinds of issues are "PEBCAK"-related (problem exists between chair and keyboard), BUT:

    Shortly after getting my palm in Jan, 2010, I installed several patches - 1 of them being "Bypass PIN". I mention that purely for completeness of my situation - I don't hink Bypass PIN necessarily caused this...

    Everything has been just fine for almost 5 months.
    Suddenly today, I take my phone out of my pocket, hit the Power button, and it comes up.. no PIN (as desired)... and no LOCK (you know, when you have to up-gesture the lock symbol from the bottom of the screen)... and THAT is a problem... I had several calls on my call log that I had no knowledge of making, etc, etc, etc. (and I like to think I'm too young for some of "those" moments... I even have all my teeth still!

    Any idea what gives?

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    Run Webos Repair Utility with override option. It will get rid of the patches and you can just reinstall from save/restore.
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    A simple reboot usually fixes this issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NachoB View Post
    A simple reboot usually fixes this issue.
    Yeah, if a reboot doesnt fix it, then try what i said.

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