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    I'm in BFE Arkansas, but I was at the casino with a friend and my data just dropped. This was Monday.

    It did it twice yesterday, and once more today. Im a Pre Plus On Verizon Wireless.

    Everytime a full shutdown/restart brings it right back tho, and it seems as if it runs better sometimes. (Always good for a lil restart every now and then...)

    Wish I knew what was going on tho....

    P.S. Remember Im on Verizon tho. Maybe not a related problem...
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    Anyone still having this problem today? I still can't get service at work....worked fine at home however. Again, I don't believe a building would suddenly become impervious to cell signals when it wasn't before.
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    doing much better for me today.

    perhaps you should install the 'roam only' patch and use that for work during the tower upgrades?
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    How does that patch work? I have my phone set on Sprint Only cause i don't want to incur any roaming charges....won't that patch make it to where i'm always roaming? Maybe I have it wrong...
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    yes, it will make you roam on verizon's towers full time, unless you turn it off.

    (basically flip it on when needed)

    all sprint plans nowadays have free roaming, so you won't be charged anything extra
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    wow so even though I have sprint, i can use verizons towers? might be a good deal.
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    I picked up a Pre replacement last week--first one on month 9 and started having WiFi issues--and now the replacement Pre keeps dropping the phone signal. Sounds similar to what you are all saying here except it actually puts the phone offline and the only way to get it back is to restart.

    I currently have 47 patches installed and had advanced phone menu patch installed when this would happen I would try to bring the phone back online via the patch menu (Turn phone on) but nothing seemed to work except a restart. Anyone else having this issue and any ideas as to how to solve?
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    I'm in San Francisco on Sprint and my Evdo has been dropping out where it is usually strong.
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    I only said it because you mentioned it almost five times in the op, then you said several more times. I was being sarcastic and you fell for it. I'm sorry I couldn't resist.
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    I only count three times...once in my original post and twice responding to your suggestion to restart....but I guess that's pretty funny.

    On another note: I installed the roaming only patch and it seems to be working great. Is it true, though, that I won't be charged for roaming? And does that include data?
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    yes it's true.

    sprint's plan has unlimited roaming for free.

    (just don't abuse it, and only use it in weak signal areas)
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    thanks for the help Trim. Got the roaming patch and I finally get service again....still would like to know why Sprint service has dropped off in this area when it was fine before. Maybe I'll contact them and see if they can tell me anything.

    P.s. - nice SC logo....too bad I went to UCLA.
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    hahah Fight On for life my L.A brother
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    Happened to me last night, but I noticed my patches were set to data off as well as phone radio off for some reason. Maybe from pocket or something random so give those a check.
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    OK so I talked to Sprint. Apparently, starting two days ago, they had something like 6 cell towers down in my area (Orange County)....which would explain why my service sucked. They said those towers are now fixed and they refreshed my phone. Everything seems to be working fine now. So maybe if you're having trouble with your service, call Sprint and have them do a refresh on your phone.
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