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    This one is good. I work in IT for a college and many users seek me out for advice on a good smart phone that works with our campus services.

    This particular user was smitten with the iPhone but was loyal to Verizon. Once they found out the iPhone wasn't coming to Verizon anytime soon, their attention turned to Android. I, of course, have a Pre (Sprint) and always mentioned how well it meshes with our in house servers/email etc. and thought it was a good daily driver, but ultimately the decision was theirs to make of course.

    All of this happened over the course of about a month. The user would call and ask how the Droid does with the email server, contacts, calendars etc. Told them there would be no problem. (I'm not a pushy guy :P) This user was an avid Blackberry user so they wanted a keyboard.

    To my surprise, the user walks into my office yesterday with a shiny new Palm Pre Plus decked out with a Body Glove case and a nice screen protector, I set them up on our campus Exchange in about 30 seconds and they were off. (As a aside, the PPP on Verizon has a FAR more superior keyboard than my mushy Sprint model).

    What surprised me most of all was the user telling me how their in store visit went. The Verizon sales dude compared the Android and Pre right in front of them. Showed off the Pre's superior multitasking. The Free Mobile Hotspot. No pressure sale, the user was sold based on the performance and features alone.

    Just wanted to share with the community. I know some people like to hear little stories like these.
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    I wish my experience with Big Red was that nice. When I went in to the store to try out the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus, the sales assistant kept walking me over to the Droid and was pushing the Droid on me. He showed me his Droid and the apps he had for it and could get for it. I told him to show me more on the Pre Plus and all he really showed me was how to swipe away cards, then back to his Droid. He did mention that swiping away the card stops the process right there, and with his Droid he had to download a separate app to cancel the processes... that was a selling point to me (and a mistake by him).

    Needless to say, I'm a proud Palm Pre Plus user and I would say it's the best smart phone purchase I've made.

    But it's good to know as a Palm fan that there are other better experiences out there!

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