help me please.

I have palm pre ( o2 with rebel sim).

When i reinstall web os i have problem.

in 84% web os doctor tell me "we were unable to reset you phone. please go to palm suppor for help"
I try all tips from palm pre support site? byt it is not work.

i try 5 or 6 Firmware. all he give me this problem.
I try to install activated frimavere.

One strange - web os doctor tell me about error (only 84%) byt when i turn on palm, palm work!!!
in palm onfo stay the version of the firmware that I tried to install.
But i can not use app catalog anfd in first launch i can not activate my webos account ( this menu does not appear).

What is the problem?
please help.

(Sorry for my bad English. I hope I was able to talk about your problem)