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    I havent found this problem posted by anyone else yet but if someone could help me it would be great.

    My pre freezes up when if i leave an excel sheet open and let the screen fade to sleep. Nothing is reponsive, not even the power button. The only way to regain functinality is to remove the battery.

    If anyone could help me with this I would really appreciate it.

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    Please... anyone? This is a huge problem for me as I rely heavily on spreadsheets while out of town on business.

    Thanks again.
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    I am checking it out now.... be back in a bit...

    Back now. I bet you never even missed me.

    Unfortunately I could not duplicate your problem. I tried opening the excel spreadsheet from my email and leaving it open to fade to sleep, came back on fine. And I tried saving the excel spreadsheet to my Pre then opening it from the doc viewer app and leaving it open to fade to sleep, still came back on fine.

    Does it happen with every spreadsheet you open or just a particular one?
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    1) what version of Excel are you using when you created the file (2003 vs 2007, .xls vs .xlsx)
    2) macros in the file?
    3) saved to pre or open from mail attachment?

    I dont use Excel personally on my phone but these factors could cause some problems. I know if you have macros with certain update codes etc that if the screen in asleep and it tries to update it might crash, or if open from an email link it might also.

    Sorry can't offer more but just some things to test and think about.

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