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    So, I thought I would just post something that seems to be the rarity around here.

    I have had a launch date Pre and have had NO ISSUES whatsoever. Period.

    Not one.

    Sure, the battery could be better but that goes for every single smartphone ever.

    Theres a bit of lag, but that comes with true multitasking. If the phone ran one app at once lag would be zero, but...that defeats the point.

    A tiny bit of oreo but have you used a single slider that doesn't have at least some give to it?

    Everything else is peachy. Not a single hardware problem period.

    Maybe I am just not so ******* picky, and maybe I actually take care of my things tho...
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    I've never had any issue with my Pre either. It's not launch day, but still. I cannot wait for whatever succeeds the Pre though.
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    Do I qualify to chime in even though I got my Pre a month after launch day?

    I'm stll on the same phone, that I would describe just as you did.
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    i would still be on my original one except for dropping only on my 2nd and Im almost at 11 months of ownership

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    I'm close to UK launch day so have had mine for a while and it has had absolutely no problems. It just seems to keep going and going. It survived when my friend took his car into a barrier so it should survive anything.
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    me too. Aside from a cracked screen from a drop and a lost usb cover I have very little issues.
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    Same Here, Sprint Launch Day Pre for both me and my wife and not a single issue.
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    I had a launch day Pre and it gave me absolutely no issues at least nothing that a simple soft reset couldn't solve' I sold it on jun 9 to my friends wife before it starts to give me issues, so now she can deal with the Pre's issues when it arises.
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    Can some short-timers join in? I have had my Pre Plus since launch day (Jan 25, 2010) and have had absolutely no problems. My son got one about two weeks later and he has had no problems with his. We now have 5 people in our Palm Pre Circle who have Pre Pluses and have had no problems – not one! – My boss at work got a Launch day (June 14, 2010) Pre Plus at AT&T that he could not load apps on. He returned it the next day and got a new one. He also has had no problems since then. The six of us all use our phones for different things. We all have Preware and have patched our phones to the max without issues. I wish to thank "rmausser" for starting this thread; we need to hear more good things about the Palm phones on this forum.
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    Launch day for me also...patched to the max also. No issues but maybe a couple overheats due to my own fault not the phone. I've got friends who are on there second or third Pre and found out why. They treat the pre like it's a military issued combat phone (if there is a thing). They drop them, beat on the screen (not tap...beat), slam it closed, always rebooting it when they feel it's not running right, just all out mistreating the phone. I'm not saying you have to be delicate with the Pre but smartphones these days are like (more are) mini laptops. Would you go around slamming your laptop around and dropping it then say .....'mannn...whats wrong with this thing'. So the Pre is a good phone (can be a bit more solid) as long as you treat it right it will multitask it's azztray off for you. Just my 2 cents worth.
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    I am also still on my Sprint launch day Pre. I am still very pleased with my webos experience. The only minor issues I have had are with the microUSB port. Within the first 6 months, the port door came off and soon after that I noticed a small crack forming from the port. Neither of which are a major issue now that I have 3 touchstones (home, car, office), WiFi Sync & Internalz, I no longer need to plug in the microUSB.
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    I have a post launch day VZ Pre Plus. I have not had any hardware issues what so ever. I did bring my phone to the Doctor once due to a patch I couldn't remove, otherwise I am very happy with my Pre Plus. I have several patches installed as well as an overclocking kernal. She runs great!

    I realize that this post may be for launch day specific Sprint Pre's only...if so...sorry. I just wanted to share my VZ "almost" launch day Pre Plus joy!
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    I'll chime in to mention that my near-launch-day pre has also been issue free so far. I don't abuse my gadgets, but I'm never consciously babying them with white gloves either, so they still certainly take their full share of wear and tear, including the occasional accidental drop.
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    still on number 1, 8 months and counting. Not a single problem. Patched out the ying yang, overclocked to 800 best phone I have ever owned, hardware and software wise....
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    Two original Pre's here, over a year old, no problems, patched and overclocked, love the phones.
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    Same with my wife and I's Pres. No problems besides what you describe. We took ownership last July.
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    Launch day pre, first one out the door at the store where I waited in line.

    No problems other than the USB cover breaking off and the power button being sticky.

    Wish it was a bit faster now that I've seen the EVO.
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    I've had no real problems with my Pre either. Yes, there are a few hardware issues like light leakage, a hint of Oreo affect, and a few dead pixels, but all in all, I've been very happy with the device.
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    I'm still using my launch Pre. I've been a palm geek since 2000 & have had gadgets in my pocket almost every day since. I feel like iLve learned to expect my gadgets to stay together as long as I take care of them. I hate seeing the posts of jokers on their 5th Pre etc. Give me a break
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    this should be a sticky
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