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    My current sprint pre died - had it since last June - the touchscreen stopped responding. I pay ERP fee, so took it to sprint store - they were out of stock but arranged to send me a new one.

    The replacement just arrived today and it has a serious oreo twist going on!! What should I do? I need a working phone. I'm gonna go ahead and transfer to it, but I wonder if I should call and see if I can get it swapped out again.

    What do you think??

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    If it's really bad I would take it in for a replacement right away.
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    They didn't have any in stock when I went on Saturday. I don't know if I want to spend another trip on the chance that they might. I should be able to just call them - right?
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    If you paid the ERP fee, take that phone right back and show them the oreo problem so they cant deny you another replacement, no additional charges involved of course
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    OH ya and first call to make sure they have replacement ones in stock so your not wasting your time
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    Ok, it gets weirder.

    I also noticed, in addition to the oreo, that the screen had a strange pixelation effect going on. It was almost like an interference pattern with the overlay or something. It was most notable on a white screen (really annoying when reading emails) but you can see on any color. I don't know how to describe it, but when you tilt the phone a bit while looking at it, you can see shifting multi-color dots.

    So, I went back to the sprint store and showed them the oreo and the screen. We compared it to the store display model which did not have the pixelation issue. They could see the difference on a white screen (so I know I'm not just crazy). They still didn't have any in stock, so they arrange for another one to be sent.

    So the 2nd replacement arrives and also has major oreo, and has the screen pixelation (but not as bad), AND the speaker has static and crackles any time an a sound is played. This happens even if the mute switch is set to vibrate - so if I throw a card away, for example, the static plays with the sound if the switch is on and without the sound if the switch is off.

    So, I called Sprint's main number and they couldn't do anything because it is an ERP issue. So I called the Sprint store that I had been going to and explained things and told them I really didn't want to drive back a third time and they agreed and setup yet another replacement. But I am really worried that I will get another dud. There probably working through all of the first batch returned refurbs.


    Anyway, has anybody else seen this screen pixelation or interference issue? It's more concerning to me than the oreo effect.

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