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    Ok so I'm SURE this is somewhere on this forum, but when I search all I really find are messages with a bunch of foreign language like "VPN" and "client" and I am not that tech savvy :-/ So hopefully someone will answer this question for me.

    I've been using Windows live mail, Google Calender, and a combination of everything for contacts.

    I'd like to have a desktop "client" like Outlook where I can have my email, contacts, calender, and "to-do lists" all in one place. From what I can tell, however...Outlook doesn't sync with my Pre and if I use an App to sync them then it doesn't sync the to-do lists.

    Is there any way to get all of this stuff in one place and have it sync with the pre?

    Sorry for the newbness and thanks in advance!
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    You might find this thread helpful. There are several other thread links inside of it that lead to various discussion of syncing software, as well.

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