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    The iphone 4 is touting its "retina" display with 300+ pixels per inch and I was wondering what was the Pre's ppi. The iphone gets it's high density from having its large resolution on a small screen, and i know that, for it's time, the pre had a high resolution on a smaller screen. I know pixels probably arent as dense as they are on the iphone's, but does anyone have a figure?
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    not OFFICIAL but i took 320 (pixel # horizontally) divided by 1.71957 (inches horizontally) and got just over 186 PPI.

    This seems as scientific as any?
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    Yep. 186 PPI

    I know its off-topic somewhat, but I hope the next WebOS device has Super-AMOLED instead of that high pixel density technique.

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    All i know is that, the next Pre has to top the iPhone 4.0 for anyone to even consider buying it. Bad enough that people jumped on the Evo, so releasing another Pre that doesnt meet and beat expectations will put Palm in a very tough spot.

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