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    Cell Phones from RadioShack Wireless
    Just when it was thought that RadioShack was going to be left without any webOS powered devices on its lineup, the electronics retailer is now bringing aboard one of the latest webOS smartphones out there. RadioShack has announced that they will also be one of the indirect dealers that will be selling the AT&T Palm Pre Plus with an accompanying 2-year agreement. Customers who are interested in the handset can now fetch it online for the price of $49.99 while the Palm Pixi Plus for AT&T can also be nabbed for the easier to swallow price of free with a contract. As we've seen the retailer become one of the few launch partners for the original Palm Pre with Sprint, it would've been natural for them to side once again with the venerable smartphone.

    RadioShack starts to sell the AT&T Palm Pre Plus (Phone Arena News)
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    549.99 off contract... are they out of their mind?
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    They have good stuff but Radio Shack is the most expensive store even here in South America
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    Radio shack is a necessary evil for a small town, they do carry manythings that just wouldnt be available anyware. I guess thats why the mark up is bad on stuff. Radio shacks existance is really amazing. Enough people need them... while the people who really use all the stuff there shop elsewhere. lol
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    good deal!
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    SUch irony that they blew out all those touchstones and Palm accessories at 60%-70% off, and now they are probably restocking them at full price...
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    Yeah I got one for $15!

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