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    I have had my PRE since Jan 2010 and have had little, if any, problems with it.

    Yesterday the mic stopped working completely. I can't use the mic on phone calls at all. I've also attempted to record videos and was unsuccessful, as they recorded with no sound.

    I read several "fixes" involving cleaning the headset jack, and I have used headphones to listen to Pandora or Radiotime in the past. I've cleaned the jack and the mic, and haven't seen anything different.

    Please let me know if there's anything different I can try, and if this is likely a hardware or software issue. The phone is under warranty, and I have insurance on the phone, but, if possible, I'd love to avoid the wait at the Sprint store and the turnaround as well.
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    try pairing with BT headphones, make a call then un-pair, and make another call, it worked for me.

    And if that doesnt work try playing music with the headphones and then try regular speaker

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