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    OK, this was a weird one, was web browsing and email checking on my Pre the other day (original day-one phone!) had several cards open with different news stories from Google news that I was reading. All were mostly plain black text on white background. First thing I noticed was that when maximized some of the cards, they were taking a while to fully focus, Then one of the cards would not go into full focus at all. Went back to another card and no problem.

    Then went back to the card that would not focus at all. Just left it open to see if it would fully focus and after a bit the white background around the text slowly started to turn blood red! It didn't just switch, It sort of creeped in from edges and from "under" the white background like a slow motion/special effectish fade in, until it was totally dark blood red then the Pre goes totally black requiring a battery-out reset.

    Never seen anything like that before, LOL. It really looked like a movie effect where blood was pouring in from edges and bubbling up from under the screen. It wasn't even a regular or even pattern. Reminded me of the effect you see where you see a newspaper tossed onto a fire - first background changes color as heat starts to consume paper, but you can still read text, then whole page changes.

    I have so many patches and tweeks and overclocking stuff on here that no way for me to figure out if there was any non-satanic reason for this, so I am just going to call that Ghost Hunter show on TV and tell them: "My Palm is possessed!" Hmmm, wonder what they will think of that????
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    Yes, Stan is a weird guy. I second that.
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    Yeah, that happens to me sometimes when I haven't taken the time to come down off the hallucinogenic drugs before using my Pre. ;-)

    Did you try to get a screen capture of it (during or after)?
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    Satan is fake.
    An Iphone walks into a bar with a Palm Pre on it's shoulder. The bartender looks up and says, "Hey, that's pretty cool, where can I get one of those?" and the Palm Pre says "Hipstertown, they're all over the place"
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    Might be the acid you took about an hour before seeing this occur.
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    Oooh! I'd like to see that effect. I'd think it would be cool to be able to assign it to certain apps. Like deleting photos of an ex-girlfriend.
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    don't tell god satan is fake, he'd be out of a job!
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    op, I believe ya

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