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    I am about to get a Pre Replacement, but I wanted to find out what's the best way to backup everything on my Pre so I can come back and it has everything already loaded, including old text messages. Sprint store is doing the backup so will they also transfer all my pics and all that stuff also?

    THanks for your help in advance
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    Sprint does not back up text messages or any of the data on your USB partition. Contacts should automatically restore when your palm profile is loaded. Either the contacts are part of the profile or it will re-sync from Google and other sources.

    If you copy off your USB partition beforehand that should get your pics. Fro the text messages I believe someone has posted directions on how that can be done, but I do not have a link to it right now.

    Another thing to look at is if you have a lot of patches and apps loaded via preware look at Save/Restore in Preware. Once you load it you can go into Preware and tell it to save your package list. then when you run the Save/restore it will copy that info to your USB partition. That way when/if you save the data from that partition you can copy it back to your new pre. Then when you load preware and save/restore it can put that saved list back. Then just hit install all and patches, etc should be restored.
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    I'm in the same boat, my replacement came in the mail today. I thought about backing stuff up but I don't really need my text messages. I also thought about the Preware list but thought I might use this as a "fresh start." I've made so many changes to things and monkeyed around with so many different settings I'm toying with the idea of running stock for a few days.

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