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    Battery wise at least.....

    I was at a Pre-E3 event in Los Angeles all day today (7am-8pm) and by about 3pm my phone battery was completely dead. I did have SportsLive running in the background from 12pm on for the Angels Dodgers game, but outside of that I sent out a few SMS messages, checked occasional email and thats it.

    If It wasn't for the powerful WebOS platform and excellent homebrew options, I would have been otherwise pretty mad. But fortunately I have Seidio 2600 extended battery modded to work on Touchstone on the way- I cant wait. I'm going to need all that extra juice for my all day trips at E3

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    Install patch for add data connection on/off on app launcher really help to solve battery drain too fast. or else lower your data connection speed to 1xRTT from EV-DO (CDMA version) / 2G from 3G (GSM version) will surely have significant battery energy save.

    Seidio 2600 mAH surely great for traveling, but add weight and thickness really not an option for me. so I use solution I mention above, and for additional power, I ordered MugenPower Battery 1400mAH for Pre.
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    Me too, my Pre will usually running out of juice by 3-4pm. That's why I bring along my MugenPower Battery 1400mAH for Pre with me everyday.
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    i'm glad you went with the seidio battery; the cover that comes with it isn't as odd-looking as some of the others out there. i have the seidio 2600mah as well, and it lasts a pretty long time, considering that i'm an avid data user.

    it does add a bit of thickness, but i actually prefer it, since i came from using a treo pro (also with an extended battery). you'll have to get a new case...i have the amzer warrington horizontal one, and it works well, keeping my phone snug, secure, and scratch-proof. good luck!!! :-)
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    Been using my Mugen 1400 for a couple of days, and I can notice improvement already. For one thing, it doesn't drop immediately all the way to 0 from somewhere in the 20-30% range like my Palm stock battery did.
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