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    OK, so here's basically what I did so you know where I'm at...

    Installed a few patches on the Pre.. like the aGPS patch and iPhone spoof...nothing major

    Installed a theme...the iPhone icons theme

    Used the Pre Plus for about 2 months, just can't get used to the keyboard on it (I have big fingers) so I switched back to my Blackberry

    Did a Full Erase on the phone, THEN ran WebOS Doctor (not sure if the order in which this was done matters)...everything seemed to be back to factory settings...on boot up it goes to the "sign in to your profile" screen and all all seems good to me.

    Sold the phone on Craigslist to someone local who I do not know...she was not able to activate the phone on her account because "Verizon said that you never activated it on your account so I am not able to activate it on MY account" and "the guy in the store said that they tried everything and cannot get a 3G signal on it", to be "fair" I gave her the money back and decided I would just figure it out myself.

    I don't understand...I used it for 2 months, up until just last what can I do to fix it? I called Verizon and they said everything looks fine on their end, ESN is clear and all that...trying to activate it on my line on the Verizon website and it will not work...

    Any ideas???

    Thanks in advance!
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    I don't know what else you could try, but if she didn't want it, any reason is as good as another to get her money back. Unless you attempt to reactivate it there is no way of knowing what's really up. If you're right and there really is nothing wrong, just re-DR it and it should be fine.
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    I don't get it, now I can't get it to activate either...on hold with Verizon now....
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    this is ********...I talked with someone at Verizon and now it's activated and working just fine.
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    well, apparently retarTed is a dirty word...

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