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    I'm still getting used to my Pre...

    I visit a location regularly that has WiFi, and I have the passcode, but it's REALLY obtuse! It contains every whacko character the admin could assemble into a single string. He maintains that this works well since people just cut and paste the passcode, and he'd prefer no one memorize it.

    Of course, with no PASTE function in WiFi config. on my Palm Pre Plus, it seems I'll get a primer in goof-ball character entry. Unless someone has a work-around for the no-paste thing? Has anyone else run into difficult passcodes?

    For those apps. that do allow copy and paste, how do you choose what to copy (without cursor controls)? Is there a "mode" where I can drop "anchors" and select what's between them? I tried my old Treo stylus, but the screen is either not sensitive enough, or doesn't select text by touch. In fact, a stylus doesn't seem to do anything anywhere on the Pre. Suggestions?

    When I enter notes in the note utility, where do they go? Can I copy them out when the Pre is tethered to the USB cable? If so, can I load LARGER notes IN? It would be helpful to be able to have editable notes that are long and generated off the Pre.

    On WiFi again, I'm assuming that when I have a WiFi connection, it's THAT ONE that gets used for internet access and not the metered 3G network. Is this correct? And is there any way I can tell? (on the Pre itself -- I can't run a network trace because it's all inside the AT&T 2Wire "router" which won't do the necessary routing to one port)

    I tried converting a video to H.264. It plays on my PC (where I have numerous codecs) but the Pre won't acknowledge it. The conversion programs don't offer a "Palm Pre" option. Does the Pre use the same video/audio format as the iPod? Or any other common brand I can configure video conversion for?

    I see there is a WiFi media sync. Is there a WiFi sync for the root of the USB-accessible storage? It would be nice to just sync EVERYTHING, not just music.

    I understand HP/Palm has not opened up the API for Bluetooth. It was nice to be able to "beam" contact info to other smartphone users, and small file sync operations are handy too. Does anyone have an ETA on when this might be possible with the Pre?

    Is there a File Manager app.? It would be helpful to be able to delete audio books and other materials once consumed, and not have to USB-tether to do it.

    When I buy an app., where does it go? How do I back it up and how would I restore (just) that app.?

    How do I move app. icons from screen to screen or change their positions within the same screen?
    How do I control where they go when installed? And is there a way to create more "screens" rather than having them grow vertically, requiring scrolling to view the icons?
    Do the "screens" have themes? Is that why apps load to different ones? And if so, can I select different wallpaper for each? (to make them easier to identify)

    Thanks! and as I get the hang of this thing, I hope to be an asset instead of a drag...

    (the reason for the [hh] in the thread title is that the last thread I posted could not be located by Search, given the exact and entire title. hopefully this will make it possible for me to find any responses)
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    Hi hugh... wow.. you seem to have packed a ton of questions in there. Let's see what we can do here...

    1) You can copy/paste your wifi password into the window for a network. Simply use the Memo app and create a new memo and save the password in there.

    Here's how copy/paste works:
    To copy:
    Simply tap on the screen to get the cursor close to where you want it. You can HOLD the orange (gray) button while moving your finger over the screen to drag the cursor anywhere you want it. Once the cursor is next to the text you wish to copy, HOLD the 'Shift' key while moving your finger on the screen to drag across the text (it will highlight yellow as you drag). Once you have the text highlighted simply HOLD your finger in the gesture area and press "C". A note will pop up telling you that you copied the text.

    Then simply go to the wifi log-in screen and do the following to paste:
    Put the cursor in the text box. HOLD a finger in the gesture area and press "V". You will see the text paste into the box.

    2) You can't import/export editable notes to and from the device. If you want to copy a note from your computer into a note on you Pre, just email the text of the note to yourself. Open that email on your device and Copy/Paste it into a note.

    3) Yes, When you have an active link to a wifi network, it is using that network for data and not your cellular data plan. It's automatic. If you lose or turn off the wifi connection, it will use your regular data plan.

    4) For converting/playing movies on your device... take a look at this thread. If you still have questions, we can cover those.

    5) There really is no ETA for the API for bluetooth to be released.

    6) Yes, there is a file app manager available in Preware. It is called Internalz.

    7) When you purchase an app, it is automatically linked to your Palm account. If anything ever happens to your device and you switch to a new phone, or if you Doctor your phone back to original settings, the Palm profile will automatically reinstall all of your profile info and paid applications to your phone.

    8) To move icons, simply put your finger on the icon and HOLD until you see it glow.. then simply drag it to another placement or page. Once you let go it will stay.

    9) If you ever want to see a past post of yours, simply click on the button in the bar at the top marked "User CP". It will take you to your profile page and you can click to view all of your past post there.

    Hope that helps!

    BTW... I would suggest only asking a limited number of questions per post - this will help people answer them faster for you!
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    Thanks! I got on that WiFi. I suspected I had to email stuff back and forth to "Memo".

    I looked into and downloaded Internalz and the pre-req. Filemgr. Now I have two .ipk files. Do I put the Pre in development mode? And then what?

    I read in the threads about "command mode"... Is there a command prompt? How do you get to it?

    Thanks again.
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    I still have a hard time cutting and paste. I missed my stylus. I open an email and I can not cut and paste unless I reply to it.

    What am I doing wrong?

    You can HOLD the orange (gray) button while moving your finger over the screen to drag the cursor anywhere you want it.

    What is the purpose of doing this? I am not sure I understand the need to do this prior to copy .

    Thank you

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