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    Hey all, I've had a Palm Pre Plus on Verizon for about 2 weeks now and, needless to say, I love the device. Multitasking FTW.

    Anyways, Ive been lingering in these forums since the day I got my phone I have noticed one common complaint... (Aside from Battery Life and Flash.)

    The amount of time it takes to start the device up from a hard reset.

    I turned my Pre off for the first time, just to time it. I got a reading of
    1min 53secs.

    I was wondering if anybody else wanted to take their time to compare and maybe elaborate on why one persons time would be different from anothers.
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    3mins 0secs. I'm not exactly sure as to why the times vary so much.
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    Mine is a sad 3min50sec..... I do have over a hundred apps and I believe that has something to do with boot times.
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    I thought mine took forever...
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    3min50sec for me as well with 180 applications installed!
    I think I will uninstall a bunch of them!
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    How are you timing this? From the moment the Palm boot logo comes up? Or from the moment the spinning wheel comes up? When do I press "start" on the stopwatch so that I can enter my time?

    I would think the most consistent way to get the same time is to shutdown (rather than reboot) and press start when you press the power button.

    How are you guys doing it?
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    I did my time off of a shutdown and startup. The second the screen turned on I started the timer, and stopped the timer when the phone was ready to use. ie- when the "desktop environment showed up...
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    I assume you're on a completely stock pre. E.g. now homebrew, no patches, no modified kernels?

    I'm on a highly modified Pre. I have many homebrew apps installed, and app catalog apps installed, 30+ patches, and unixpsycho's F102 kernel. Additionally, I'm on a Sprint Pre and not a Verizon Pre+. So this may not be a very useful comparison, but here are my results (based on your start and stop criteria):

    4 min 13 sec
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    Mine's about 2 minutes. But that's how it is with a lot of smartphones. My brother has a Tour, and it takes him about 10 minutes I swear..
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    3:37 here with 42 apps and 50-some patches. Sprint Pre, no overclocking. No wonder reboots seemed slow.

    What's sad about this is that I still see people at public venues doing the "full shutdown" thing rather than simply turning off their ringers. Especially amusing are those that have "shutdown tones".

    Granted, not all phones have Palm's ringer switch with the "mute all sounds" patch installed.
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    Measured from the moment I press the "restart" button until wallpaper comes bac on: 2 min 38 sec.
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    From the time I pressed the reset button, 3:05. Wished my laptop booted up this fast.
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    Why not try bootchart to find out what takes so long?
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    I have noticed it takes longer to reboot if I set there and stare at it impatiently. It reboots much faster if I push restart, set the phone down, go brush my teeth, it is always ready to go when I return..
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    Can't do this. My Stopwatch is on the pre! LOL

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