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    It's happened about 4 or 5 times, it'll randomly shut off, and sometimes I don't even know it did which could be bad because I could be missing important calls... Anyone know what causes this? I also have a yellow spot on the left bottom corner of my screen
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    I had an old Blackberry Pearl 8130 a few ago. It had some water damage, but dried out.

    Over time the screen turned Green/Yellow on the edges where the water didn't dry out. Maybe the battery contacts are dirty or corroded. Maybe the battery is loose?

    Just some thoughts....
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    I would take the phone back over the screen issue, but make sure you have no homebrew apps or patches on it first. Also Ive seen a few threads here and it seems that leaving dev mode on has caused an issue with this a few times.
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    My Pre is from Verizon and it does the same thing. Have no clue why it does this.
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    i think the phone turning off is from the battery, on the original pre the battery was a tad too small and when closing the slider it would move out of place and thus turn off. the yellow blotch is from overheating, return it, get a new one or refurb, i did. if the reps at your ATT store aren't thickheaded morons then you should be fine with patches, but i like to remove them just in case, homebrew apps you shouldn't need to worry about.

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