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    Hello everyone,

    I am using Preware and have a few patches and applications installed.

    The weirdest issue I'm having is that Preware says GNU Patch needs to be updated. However, everytime I tap on it to update it Preware freezes and never gives me the option to install. i have to close preware and restart it.

    The other issue I recently had is that suddenly all my app settings and patch settings were erased but the apps and patches stayed installed. That is, when I tap on an app the old settings were gone and it was like I just opened it for the first time. My patches (like the named launcher pages patch) also seem to be missing preferences.

    Any ideas on either of these?
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    You can either tap update all or turn off the Prethemer feed. Both will get the job done.
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    Any idea why my phone thinks all my apps and patches were just installed for the first time?

    The phone wasn't "reset" in any way. I never had to log into my palm profile again and all my contacts are there. It is just small things like the app catalog made me agree to the user agreement again and the named pages are now #1, #2, etc...

    I can fix it (doing it now) but it bugs me that it happened

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