I think my wife's Pre is having a problem writing to the internal memory. I tried using the ##66623# trick to export her Synergy contacts so I could import them to Google. It gave me an error saying it couldn't create the file.

Then I tried opening PreWare to install the contact email patch, but I couldn't get PreWare to open. I was able to reinstall it using WOSQI and it ran. I installed the patch. But when i tried to run it, it hung up and wouldn't email contacts.

In the meantime, i noticed that when I moved apps between pages in the launcher, they went back to their original positions when I restarted the Pre.

Lastly, I tried to save an image from the web and got an error saying it couldn't save the file.

Has anyone experienced this? We're on Verizon. Her phone is a replacement after her original jumped the tracks and became two phones held together by a data cable.