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    Just do it, and then report back your findings!

    I got it on good authority that "operator codes are slow and never in two days like they say", so please feel free to provide info that says otherwise.
    The more options, the better of course.
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    Now that I have added an AT&T Pre Plus (THANKS PALM) to my collection I am really interested how well this works and if there is another solution via homebrew to unlock it for other GSM networks.
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    There is no homebrew solution to unlock the Pre.
    Either you get the unlock code from the carrier, or you use a third-part unlock client such as nextgenserver.
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    ahh a old Commodore user.
    I was one too, got a C64 -> Amiga 500 -> Amiga 4000/030.
    Amiga, best computer ever! =)
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    Yep, old and still. 4000/60., 1200 & SX64.

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