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    today when I got a call and answered the phone the person on the other end could not hear me. Is this a hardware issue or software.
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    I know it's obvious but did you press mute by accident?
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    I had an issue something like this, i cleared out the headphone jack and all seemed to work perfectly after that.
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    nope it's not on mute...first thing I checked....ran interactice test and I don't hear what I record....
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    If you play a song in the music application can you hear it through the speakers, if not sounds like you might have stuck headset mode, try putting headphones in and out until it goes normal.
    Otherwise if this is not the problem, I'm not really to sure.
    I would doctor to see if that fixes it and last resort is to take it to a store.
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    Try this post:

    Also, there's an app called "The Ghastly Headset" (search the forums) that fixes the stuck headset mode issue. You have to use WOSQI to install it
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