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    Ok So i've searched and tried and failed!

    I want to simply SSH in to my pre I've installed openSSH & the bear one

    i've gotten them to connect but I keep getting the error

    "private key (public keyboard)" or something like that

    There are instructions on how to do it but they are old and outdated so if someone would point me in the right direction or spoon feed me the steps to ssh that would be great! Thanks for reading!
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    I know you can do it using FileZilla. Let me look for the thread with the instructions...
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    Thank-you .. it's not exactly what i was looking for but i do believe it will solve my key problem so thank you !

    but if others want to spell it out too I'll take any replies! lol
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    I can't find the exact instructions I followed but this is pretty close.

    Application:OpenSSH - WebOS Internals

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