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    i got touchstone envy after reading this (I already have one for my bedside and one for my car), I checked Radio Shack, and my local stores were shwoing inventory again (i had bought the last one from two different stores about a month ago).

    Ran out and ended up getting FOUR more. (two for me and two for my sister's pixi).
    Found 1 at one Radio Shack and 2 at another Radio Shack (15.97 each).
    Found 1 at Best Buy, rang up at 59.00!!!, showed them my Radio Shack receipt and PRICE MATCH ... 15.97.

    I LOVE how easy the touchstone makes it to charge.

    And my sister is especially grateful. The USB cover on the Pixi is IMPOSSIBLE to keep open, you get it and it spring right back, it's like a prank cover - LOL
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    Pretty manageable for me so far.
    - Got the touchstone/back kit together with the Pre, Sprint gave me a 20% off discount for the kit.
    - A couple of spare USB cables and wall chargers from Monoprice, which is as cheep as nothing.
    - Got my car charger and spare touchstone at the Shack clearance
    - Need a spare Palm wall charger to drive my spare touchstone, which a Sprint sells gave me for free
    - Got a free leather slip case from the Palm promotion car that's came in town a while ago

    See, everything on sell, and some free stuff, too! LOL
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