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    Quote Originally Posted by grankin View Post
    As far as the exclusivity agreement issue goes, they state that there's no termination date. The lawsuit's settlement requires that no more than 10 months is permitted.

    That's precisely what they told me, after being bumped up to what they told me was the top of tech services' supervisors. Yet Palm insists that only the carrier may unlock a phone. So I went to Palm. They tell me that it is now "in the hands of the corporate office", from whence a decision will emerge. They also tell me that I'll be told before November 1, which is the day I fly out of the US.

    We shall see.
    We have seen (Chapter One): So I waited until later on Friday (10/29) and called the Palm corporate office number they gave me (408-617-7000). Called during business hours on the west coast. Had the ticket number at hand. Was put on hold for 39 minutes, hearing the same dreadful U-2 song over & over & over. Then had to leave (some of us have a life). Will try again on Monday. Am not holding my breath.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grankin View Post
    The settlement agreement applies to any handset sold by AT&T ... except the iPhone.
    other than (i) the Apple
    iPhone; or (ii) any handset that AT&T Mobility introduces or has introduced for sale pursuant to a contract with a handset manufacturer that provides for an exclusivity period of ten (10) months or longer (“AT&T Handset”).
    Any handset other than the iPhone OR a handset with an exclusitivity agreement of 10 months or longer.

    In any case, I bought the Nextgenserver unlock, and it worked just fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ctbeiser View Post

    Any handset other than the iPhone OR a handset with an exclusitivity agreement of 10 months or longer.

    In any case, I bought the Nextgenserver unlock, and it worked just fine.
    Sooner or later it's all going to be a moot point anyway because Palm is going to sell an unlocked gsm Pre 2.

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    If there is an exclusivity period for the Pre+, when is it over?
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    I went through a LOT of work trying to get an unlock code from AT&T earlier this summer for a Pixi. I talked to a lot of customer service reps and supervisors and both AT&T and Palm, and ultimately had to resort to paying the $55 or so from Nextgen to do the unlock. However, the only piece of info that I was told over and over again is that while they could not give me the unlock code then, they would be able to after Dec 31. Now, I have no idea if this is the truth, but it was a pretty consistent message.

    Also, I had heard of a number of people who were able to get their unlock code right when the Pre was released...I believe that on July 1, they changed the conditions of obtaining the lock code after the legislation ruling, which is why you some people were able to do it early on but then others got blocked.

    So, if you want to wait, it's only 2 more months until the code should be available!
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    Tough luck Audemars02, I saw your posts earlier in this thread dating back to the end of June. Looks like you just barely missed it before the July 1st change.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arthurthornton View Post
    Tell them you're traveling out of the country for a few weeks and you need to unlock it for international use. Keep trying this until you get a rep who'll give you the unlock code.

    Nope. Doesn't work. I have a Pre Plus, and bought it (and renewed the contract) on the strength of AT&T's undertaking that it'd be unlocked when I left the US 6 months later.

    I climbed the greasy pole of tech services and customer services, right to the top. They blamed Palm. One tech told me she'd been down the same path, and was advised to bring her old unlocked phone along to use in the foreign country, with her Pre in airplane mode as her 'phone book'.

    So I worked my way to the top of Palm Corporate, who were very helpful, going as far as setting up a conference call with AT&T CS. That led to the same result: AT&T simply refuses to provide the code, even if the phone's been in hand for over 90 days, when the account's up to date, and it ain't a Go-Phone. Even when reminded of the lawsuit and settlement.

    AT&T will lose me as a customer as soon as this contract is up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by motsww View Post
    If they have an exclusivity agreement on the GSM pre+, it must have just started recently. The original posters in this thread 3-4 months ago had no issues at all.
    The settlement agreement limits the effect of an "exclusivity agreement". If the termination date is 10 months or longer - and if there's no termination date (and AT&T affirms that there's no termination date), then (other than an iPhone) the whole exclusivity agreement issue is no longer relevant.
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    Well, they finally caved. AT&T sent me an unlock code today. After, of course, I spent money (I was not smart enough to get the forum discount) and unlocked the phone. So here's what I just wrote to them:

    This is what is called being a dollar short and a day late.

    I have tried to achieve this since October 29. I have made countless
    phone calls and sent countless emails to AT&T and to Palm. I have asked
    politely, have been firm, have climbed to the top of your several
    hierarchies of support, and have cited the California and Florida lawsuit
    settlements. None of these have been to any avail. You have consistently
    told me complete falsehoods. Let us be more direct: you have lied to me
    again and again. When you've been caught in lies and confronted with
    them, you've tried another story ... and then another.

    It took a threat to eat the termination fee and to jump ship to a
    different carrier to finally get you to act as you should have.
    That's the "dollar short" part. Here's the "day late" part: I
    unlocked the phone myself last week, after paying money to a 3d

    AT&T has managed to drive me as far away as it could. From now
    onward, I no longer have any interest in switching to AT&T for my
    land line, for my internet service, nor for U-Verse, should it ever
    come to my house. Furthermore, I shall keep an eye on the actual
    termination fee and, when I decide the time is ripe, I will take all three
    lines to T-Mobile.

    They will sell me 750 anytime minutes, unlimited domestic texts, and three
    lines for the sum of $85/month. Add 200 mb of data, and it costs
    $105/month. That's a substantially better deal than you offer.

    This is now your chance to respond. What are you willing to do to
    keep me as a customer?


    So beware of AT&T, and do not bother with being polite nor working your way through their system. Either pick someone else as a carrier or, if stuck in a contract (1) figure out how little it will cost you to jump ship, (2) then threaten to do so.
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    thanks for the update, granklin.
    i feel your pain and i agree wholeheartedly that AT&T is reprehensible and needs to be taught a lesson. I hope the iphone moves to verizon just so AT&T loses out on their bread winner and realize there is this thing called "customer service" that's required to retain customers.
    the iphone seems to be the biggest reason for AT&T's entitlement over customers.
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    I just tried the AT&T CS route for a second time. I've had my Pre+ Since later May, so am over 6 months. AT&T say that because they have an exclusivity agreement then they cannot provide the unlock code. I take that to mean that AT&T corporate will not provide and therefore CS cannot provide. Apparently the "system" does not provide a code when the IMEI number is fed in.
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    It's so sad and shameful the way ATT is behaving in regards to providing unlock codes to their customers. I had to move back to ATT this year after having been with T-Mobile for the last year and a half. My wife has had an iphone for three years and getting a line added under her ATT account would save me money. I also tried to get my Palm Pre Plus unlocked and of course ATT wouldn't comply, so when I traveled to Europe over the summer, I had to carry an old (unlocked) motorola flip phone for local use.

    Some one earlier posted that the US Government should force the cell phone companies to better serve their customers. Ha, fat chance, I say! Our government IS run by corporations like ATT and others; people's voice is drowned out by the corporate money mongers. Now, when I say "our government," I mean the Congress and the Supreme Court. I still have "hope" that Obama will fulfil his promises and become the man of the people yet. The US Congress is firmly in the pockets of big money special interest groups and lobbyists; the Supremen Court is now firmly under the control of Conservative, right wing ideologists who don't believe in the well-being of individual, citizenry but in the corporate bottom line. These are dark times indeed if you are a progressive.
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    Dear all,
    I feel sorry for what you guys have been through after reading this thread many times...
    sadly, I am also trying to unlock my at&t pre+.
    I got this baby from my uncle recently while he visited us from US to Taiwan.
    it's unlocked right now,
    however there are two reasons that I wanna obtain a unlock code of this device
    1. the configuration row says "sprint2.5"
    2. I cannot install ubercalendar patch.
    some community members suggest me to run webos Doctor on it,
    but will it become locked after that?
    I talked to a palm live chat rep, he told me there is a slight chance that it will be locked!
    therefore I would like to get unlock code before i go in and do the doctor.

    after reading your stories, it seems to me that AT&T doesn't give out unlock code even you are its customer.(after 90days?)
    so I don't think AT&T will kindly give a non-customer, me living in Taiwan, the unlock code for my device, am I right?

    thanks in advance for your kind advice and wish everyone can recieve his/her unlock code easier.....

    P.S. i cannot find any emails from AT&T's website without logging in........
    guess the only way to contact them is to make an international call(and spend money listening to the U2 songs for 40ish mins?! XD)
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    Once the phone is 'unlocked', it remains 'unlocked' forever. Doctoring it will not lock the phone again.

    PS: If you send the phone to HP/Palm for repairs, they will lock it again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanjay View Post
    Once the phone is 'unlocked', it remains 'unlocked' forever. Doctoring it will not lock the phone again.

    PS: If you send the phone to HP/Palm for repairs, they will lock it again.
    Dear Sanjay, I have to admit that I am so happy to see your reply the first time I read it.
    I am not in US, if it's locked after I doctor it, I cannot get At&t contract here in Taiwan to keep using it.
    which means I have to save up for a new phone T_T

    Therefore, with all respect,
    could you please tell me how you flashed your pre+(if you did)?
    like what utility or what rom you chose to doctor
    to keep your device "unlocked"?

    cause I didnt find any information stated clearly that once unlocked, stay unlocked. (maybe I didnt look hard enought)

    Really appreciate!!
    Have a nice day
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    It cannot be relocked EXCEPT by Palm Repair, as Sanjay says.
    You would have to be a genius to relock it yourself.

    Bear in mind that even when unlocked you will need a data connection to activate it.

    Read the unlock sticky in the GSM forum:

    Also read what Meta-Doctor does, and the thread about Modifying carrier settings, in case you need it.
    I see, thank you GuyFromNam and Sanjay!!!!
    What a relief!!!
    Now I can prepare my first doctor operation!
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    How many digits is the unlock code?
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    I got the unlock code from att for my pre plus I sold to someone on T-Mobile. I put their SIM in and it asks me for the code but it says incorrect code. Anyone else experience this?
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    oh. I dont remember if it said unblock. Whats the difference? Too many tries? I also noticed that under the battery it has a 15 digit IMEI but the phone info shows a 17 digit code. When I gave ATT the 17 digit code they couldnt recognize it. Only the 15 digit code.

    Im considering going to Thoughts?
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    Ugh it says unblock. But I know I put the unlock code in correctly. Would AT&T be able to give me the unblock code? I also tried these instructions..

    Could you link me to the wiki please?

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