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    According to

    Tivo Desktop version 2.8.1 brings Exporting of recordings to our Pre's!... Love it.. can't wait to try it out!
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    Yeeeeeeeeep The funny thing is yesturday was the first day since getting my at&t Pre I opened up my TiVo desktop software and checked to see if Pre was on the export list of devices and was happy to see it was

    So I of course converted a test episode that I think everyone can appreciate watching
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    <sigh> It will be nice when DirecTv finally gets themselves together and puts out an other Tivo-DVR version of their receiver. I'm still using the old one and don't want to switch to the DirecTV program service away from Tivo. I keep missing all these features...

    I'd love to see some of lovin' for my Pre like this!
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    This is great!!
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    Nothing new here, actually. TiVo Desktop Plus (the paid software) has exported MP4 files for years. With the free TiVo Desktop installed, though, programs like Roxio Easy Media Creator and PQ DVD's apps for iPhone and PSP users can transcode TiVo recordings to MP4 as well. {Jonathan}

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