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    A colleague of mine (geeky as they come) came up to me while I was Pre'n (yeah, it's a verb..haha) and was like "Ok, THAT phone rocks! I seen a friend playing with it other the day and the way you can go from one app to another and swipe to delete things. It's just like the iphone". That's when he lost me...haha

    He didn't say it was better or anything like that. But his response was more or less a reminder that people (again, he's a tech geek) don't have a clue about how kick **** our phones are. We're talking about a year after it's release!!

    I was on the EVO fence for a good....oh.....2 days, but I'm off it now.

    Hardware....schmardware.....WebOS rocks!!
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    It's true - lots of people played with the Pre on the day of release, decided it sucked and was too slow, and have never tried one since - WebOS is a whole other beast now compared with back then!
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    I totally agree. Before I had the pre, I had a samsung dumbphone and although it was a great phone that lasted me 5 years, it had no "wow" factor. When the time came to get a new phone, someone told me about this new phone coming out from Palm (5-09) called the pre. After extensive research, I decided to enter the smartphone realm by picking up the pre although initially I was reluctant because of the data plan cost. Needless to say, I showed up at Best Buy an hour early (luckily) to get the 7th of 8 pre's they had on launch day. Ever since then, my friends love to play with my phone wishing they had it. A year later with 3 pre's in my family, I've converted several people to the pre and even now my phone still has that "wow" factor. Of course, thanks to precentral and the Hombrew community, my phone still kicks ****!

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    Quote Originally Posted by notaphonegeek View Post
    . Of course, thanks to precentral and the Hombrew community, my phone still kicks ****!

    Agree 100%!! My Pre today is definitely not the same Pre I picked about a year ago. I think they should make it mandatory to pass along the URL to this site when selling the Pre Otherwise future Pre owners might not ever experience the Pre the way it was meant to be experienced (due to our awesome-est community).
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