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    This has happened three times now. The battery drains down. I put the phone on the Touchstone, and I see the battery pic for a moment, and then it disappears. When I come back in a bit, no charging has occurred. I plug the USB cable directly into the phone - same thing. However, if I remove the back cover and then take the battery out, put it back in, and put the cover back on, it will charge (sounds like Windows...LOL). What is going on here?!?

    FYI, even though I have wanted to, I have not yet added any tweaks, Preware, homebrews, etc. My phone is the same as when I got it, with the addition of official updates. I only say this to make clear that the problem isn't due to messing with the OS.

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    ..Why don't you just don't let the battery drain.. I carry my charger with me everywhere.
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    I try not to. I can't remember whether one of those charging problem episodes occurred when I was trying to charge it before the battery drained. I'm thinking it did.

    But even so, this should not occur. There are times when I cannot plug in my phone before it's drained, when I'm outdoors and away from the house and car for hours. I should not have to leave my phone at home or in the car where I cannot use it in order to keep it charged.
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    This happened to me once before. All I did was reset the phone and problem solved.

    I think I accidentally reset the phone while it was charging on my touchstone which caused MY problem.
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    Do you get any charge cycling when you usually use the TS and there is already batt in it?
    If you use the USB cable straight and don't bother with the TS does it still have this problem?
    It might be because your battery is loose and is losing connection, consider checking the contacts are touching properly.

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