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    Quote Originally Posted by JimOhara View Post
    I would love to see them make SplashMoney. I still keep my Treo just for that app.
    I think Checkbook is a good webOS alternative to Splashmoney.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Starbuckk View Post
    As a few have indicated, it would take a lot of convincing to put the keys to "my world" on a cloud site maintained by third party.

    How are we assured that no one at Splash has access to the unencrypted data?
    Is the encryption method used such that even the person that wrote the software cannot also write decryption software that could access the decrypted data without the password?

    Overall, for passwords, I still would prefer a totally local solution, like PasswordsPlus ported to WebOS and syncable with the desktop version. But no one seems to be jumping right in there to do that.
    Same here... i will be very very cautious putting this type of data out in the cloud
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    Quote Originally Posted by spud101 View Post
    I think Checkbook is a good webOS alternative to Splashmoney.
    However, Checkbook doesn't download bank data over the internet to the app. SplashMoney key feature is get all your accounts synch on one click.
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    Is there a list of banks/credit unions that these Money programs support?
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    Didn't I tell you guys that SplashData is just full of it. They are not going to make this SplashID synch to anything. I emailed them and asked for my money back. I would suggest you all do the same and buy something else.
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