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    I'm looking to purchase a used pre in good condition. Anyone know of where I can get one? I need one that's clean and ready to be connected to Sprint.
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    Thanks! Duh!
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    Thanks! Duh!
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    I have purchased 4 Sprint Pre phones thus far, 1 for each of me, my wife, and 1 daughter, with 1 to spare (we don't carry insurance, a waist of money when you can get a perfect Sprint Pre for around $150). I purchased all them 3rd party. I purchased 1 hear in the marketplace thread mentioned above, the other 3 locally via Craigslist. The Craigslist purchases were better experiences by far, could examine the Pre in person and met at a Sprint store where they were able to confirm the phone ESN was clear.

    These days, sellers of the Pre are reluctant to give out the ESN to you over the phone for you to perform your own check because those clear ESN's can be used in bad ESN phones in some way, ruining the phone that the ESN actually belongs to.

    Be careful, be patient, and you can find a nice 3rd party Pre.

    ps. I noticed you thanked dbd above, I see you are relatively new, the best way to thank him is by clicking the "Thanks" button in his post, fyi.
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    Thanks for the advice. I left the pre for the hero and I like the hero, but LOVE WebOS. It's so much more intuitive and it might have come out of Cupertino itself (Apple HQ). So I'm looking to get a second phone to put on my account.

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