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    remember don't run back up with a clean phone it will back up your phone's current state and clear all info from the cloud . You shoild do an erase of the phone to prompt it to recover info from the cloud.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Backing up via copying your entire USB folder is a great idea! Only takes a minute, I've just got a folder on my desktop that says Pre just in case I ever need to hit that doctor.

    It's especially useful now that more devs are storing stuff on /media/internal and not on whatever other folder they were initially. On some apps, you can pop right back to the state it was in before it doctored. Win!
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    Happened to me a couple of months ago when Palm app catalog was making everyone's pre crash.

    I lost everything.
    All my passwords on jvault - gone.
    all my pictures/videos - gone.
    all my apps (close to 30 or so) had to be reinstalled.
    contacts - gone. I still dont know if im missing someone from my contact until i need to call or email them.

    Gotta love palm.

    on a positive note. When all this happened my phone was stock, i had not installed any homebrew patches thinking i dont want to ruin my phone with 3rd party stuff. But since Palm did such a great job of crapping up my phone when it was stock, i thought oh what the hell. lets get patches. best decision of my pre life.
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    this just happened to me as well! however all my patches are still there. just no apps, usb drive, or personal info. it looks like this is happening to too a lot of people right now... w t f palm?
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